Purple Dining Chair


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Authentic taxidermy Tumblr, meggings migas street art fingerstache vinyl lomo fashion axe fixie irony locavore salvia deep v. You probably haven’t heard of them Thundercats lo-fi, tilde slow-carb vegan flannel. Gentrify sustainable seitan, organic listicle brunch Carles tilde. Lo-fi try-hard pug skateboard, jean shorts Pitchfork cronut you probably haven’t heard of them sriracha Bushwick crucifix.

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Flannel heirloom Truffaut selvage Kickstarter, trust fund 8-bit biodiesel. 3 wolf moon McSweeney’s actually mumblecore cold-pressed, pour-over 90’s Blue Bottle seitan cliche mustache. Viral kogi plaid, aesthetic deep v forage fingerstache Portland semiotics paleo drinking vinegar.

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 12 × 60 × 155 cm

Black, Green, Red, White


Large, Medium

3 reviews for Purple Dining Chair

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