Mid Century Modern Eames Style Patchwork Fabric


This is a demo online store. You can purchase Mid Century Modern Eames Style DAW Patchwork Fabric Upholstered Armchair with Wood Dowel Base on Amazon.com

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The plastic molded style chairs have become a flag ship of modern design that is retro, colorful and extremely versatile. High quality patchwork finish really offers something unique. Arm chair version is comfortable, supportive and stylish. The seat top is made from injection molded polypropylene. Minor self-assembly is required. Seat height is 18″. Arm Height is 26.5″. Minor assembly required.

  • Upholstery Made from Hand Stitched Weave Wool
  • Designed Based on the Proportions of the Original
  • Dowel base Made from Lacquered High Grade Steel and Beech Wood
  • Easy to Assemble

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