Laminate Side Table


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Laminate side table. Manufacturer Bazartherapy design by ICH & KAR Initiale Collection Penrose tables settles down as a great classic.
Sep 2014, Ich&Kar imagine the Penrose side tables, with the complicity of Bazartherapy. Side or coffee tables, they are all Made in France. « Cocorico » (Cock-a-doodle-do !)
Big sales success with 300 units sold in one year. Now Penrose settle down, and dress the house, from floor to ceiling.
Table top, digital print solid laminated high density, glossy finish, thickness 1 cm. Table legs, solid beechwood woodturning design, stained and waxed
Small 28 x 29 cm H 30 cm
Medium 39 x 41,5 cm H 35 cm
Large 55 x 50 cm H 40 cm

4 reviews for Laminate Side Table

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